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Pioneers PCB Factory is a major PCB manufacturer in Middle East to serve in diverse customers base such as military, electronics appliance, communication, educational electronics, power supply, computer peripherals…etc.

Pioneers PCB Factory offers services in full value chain from design & engineering over prototypes & testing to full scale production. Pioneers PCB Factory is taking care of the value chain from prototype to testing and after sales services.

We have modern facilities to manufacture multi-layer PCB up to 32 layers. Backing up with a group of professional engineers, and well established quality system.

Pioneers PCB Factory is a production company and full scale series production is always the aim.


Pioneers PCB Factory is today among the market leaders in Middle East. It is our vision and strategy to maintain and develop this position.

Pioneers PCB Factory is a proud supplier and manufacturer of printed circuit boards to the electronics industry and OEMs. We have built a strong reputation for quality printed circuit boards on time delivery to exceed our customer's expectations. Creating and meeting those expectations are the goals of our dedicated professionals who work with you and your projects from quote to delivery to inventory handling.

Our product application reaches from single and double-sided in industrial units to multilayer printed circuit boards in space exploration vessels.

Pioneers PCB Factory excels in providing its services as one of the leading Multilayer PCB Manufacturers in the Middle East. We are specialized in manufacturing single and multilayer PCB prototype what we do Owing to years of experience and expertise in the field. When the need arises, our esteemed customers can count on us for their precise needs ranging from simplest PCB boards to complex designs. 

Commercial PCB Prototype Boards

Fast and rapid prototyping is a primary commercial need, and reputable PCB Prototype Manufacturers are meant to assist this need in most efficient manner. We provide high-quality custom single layer and multilayer PCB prototype circuit boards with most innovative printed circuit board technologies that are taking over the PCB industry. We take pride in serving our diverse customers in most efficient ways with our services expanded to electronic appliance businesses, communication companies, power supply operations, single layer PCB prototype, multilayer PCB prototype electronic academics and computer peripherals.

Advanced Multilayer PCB

Pioneers PCB is one of recognized Multilayer PCB manufacturers hold a reliable name for diverse customer base services, and we are also versatile in order to provide our customers the quality and services in most competitive rates that any Multilayer PCB manufacturer can offer. Our professional enterprise houses technologically advanced equipment, professional grade technicians, and a skilled workforce which make us a responsible entity in PCB industry. We firmly adhere to modern facilities and a well-established quality control system including high-end production and test equipment.

Quality and Reliability of PCB

Pioneers PCB Prototype Manufacturers has a broad category of single layer multilayer PCB prototype boards with intricate designs to a double sided mount surface. We are professionals, and we own the potential to make it all. We hold international quality and environment certificate with highly accommodating customer support staff that made us able to supply to sectors like aerospace and defense. From the very beginning of our journey, we quickly climbed the ladder of success with considerable expertise over custom PCB boards, multilayer PCB prototype, and multilayer boards. All our products commit quality and reliability which is the very first demand of our valuable clients.